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Beanie Oriental, NC   Kohl Oceanside, NY

Favorite Treat: all of them!

Thank you sooo much for the beautiful, delicious treats. She enjoyed every morsel. She went to the beauty shop for the first time this week. She has the most adorable personality. Everyone falls in love with her when we take her out. She is very cuddly and very rambunctious. She loves to lick which is a little odd. She loves to lick her daddy’s back in the middle of the night.


Favorite Treat: all of them!

Kohl, our 14 year old Samoyed whose likes include: barking at squirrels, rides in the car, short walks, a cushy bed and Lexi’s Treats! Dislikes: Hot summer days, having to go out in the rain, getting his haircut and store bought treats!

Riley   Tyler
Riley Clarkston, MI   Tyler Lynbrook, NY

Favorite Treat: all of them!

Riley just turned 6 years young, as he still acts like a puppy. He knows his place in the house, which is on the couch or snuggled in front of a warm fire. He loves to play with other dogs, swim, go for walks, car rides, and anything else that may involve his “humans”. Riley is beyond spoiled and will turn his nose up at anything but the best. This is a dog that will walk away from “cookies” that he doesn’t deem worthy...he loves Lexi’s Barkery’s home-made cookies. There hasn’t been one “flavor” he hasn’t gobbled without leaving a crumb. Only the best, for the best. WOOF woof!!! Riley sends big THANKS YOUs to Lexi! He loves them, you’re the best :)


Favorite Treat: all of them!

Tyler is a 15yr old Yorkie who has stomach problems. His mommy gives him the mint and parsley hearts. She says that there are so few things that Tyler can have that he actually likes, nevermind loves. He makes me so happy, I try to return the favor and keep him healthy. Tyler loves to play with his brothers. His favorite place is the beach, where he loves to chase the sea foam. He likes to take leisurely walks around the neighborhood but prefers when the whole family goes with him. He is so loving and so loyal, and we love him just as much back!

Spotty   Cookie
Spotty Sylmar, CA   Cookie Franklin Square, NY

Favorite Outfit: dog coat

Her name is Spotty and she’s a 10 year old cocker spaniel who thinks less than 70 degrees is cold!


Favorite Treat: Peamutt Butter Pups

This is Cookie. As you can see she’s very relaxed but still looking for more treats!

Champ   Freedom
Champ Yonkers, NY   Freedom Franklin Square, NY

Favorite Treat: Peamutt Butter Pups

Champ is a 4 year old, 70 pound Boxer that loves to be loved by everyone. He likes to play ball and run around the yard like a wild man. During the day Champ watches the Disney Channel while his mom and dad are off at work. At night he loves to cuddle with his mom and dad while watching television on the couch. Champs’ favorite vacation spot is Long Beach Island where he can run on the beach and play in the water.


Favorite Treat: all of them

When Freedom was a puppy, he was known throughout the neighborhood. He had numerous ways of escaping...very creative. We spent many days and nights searching, calling his name and making posters to announce his disappearance. He always returned or was found by someone who brought him home. As he grew, he became a constant well as famous. Freedom was faithful and fun loving.

Trips to the park were met with great enthusiasm and he never got tired of fetching the stick from the water. Freedom, our gentle giant is missed.

Gianna and Giupetto   Honey
Gianna & Giupetto Long Beach, NY   Honey Oceanside, NY

Favorite Treat: Chick’n Paws and Cinnamut Bunnies

Let’s see—they love to wrestle with each other, and make me laugh every day. Giupetto loves to sleep, and curl up in my lap. He’s a real couch potato. He is very smart and loves to show off, and do his tricks.

Gianna loves to play fetch, and she LOVES to kiss. She is always happy and acts like a clown. She likes to sit up like a gopher and beg for treats. You cannot ignore Gianna as she will sock you with her paw over and over again, until she gets what she wants. They both love belly rubs, and car rides.


Favorite Treat: Liver Bow Wow Brownies

The sweetest baby I ever had! Seeing her tail wagging at the end of a hard day...priceless!

Minnie   Casey
Minnie Farmingdale, NY   Casey Garden City, NY

Favorite Treat: all of them

Hi my name is Minnie...I am almost 10 years old...and I just love all the treat flavors.


Favorite Treat: all of them

This is Casey, and he is the most wonderful new addition to our family. He is only 11 lbs. fully grown, and a VERY finicky eater, he always has been.

I have looked all over and tried every kind of treat in the stores. He turned them all down. Until the day I met you at the Farmers Market. Casey can’t get enough of your treats! He runs as fast as he can when we say “Do you want a Cookie”?

Blondie   Trixie
Blondie Huntington, NY   Trixie Hempstead, NY

Favorite Treat: all of them

Blondie is a transplanted city girl, a retired pet therapy dog, fierce little hunter of rodents and snappers. She is a sweet, friendly little toughie, a cuddle bug at home, who feels it is her duty to maintain order at the Farmers Market every Sunday.

Blondie says...I love my Bandanna, thanks for making it for me. I am the envy of the all the furkids in the neighborhood.


Favorite Treat: all of them

Trixie is very affectionate and loves to give kisses on the nose. She is playful and sweet and has become part of my family, I love her. I took her to her first puppy training class yesterday and she did all but back flips for your treats. 

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make them for me. I will definitely be ordering again.

Charlie   Chester
Charlie Lynbrook, NY   Chester Huntington, NY

Favorite Treat: Liver Bow Wow Bone Cake

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Charlie had a great first birthday! He LOVED the cake! And will continue to enjoy it! Emma was very dissappointed when she found out that she wasn’t eating that cake as well... Thank goodness I had another cake for the kids! Also, thank you so much for the extra treats and picture frame...that was very thoughtful of you!


Favorite Outfit: sweaters

Chester loves his sweaters, comfort and fashion is his game. A true lap dog. Loves his Nannie A. Watch out big dogs, Chester is a little mighty dog! He has 2 rainbow sweaters and burgundy stripe in his collection. I think he wants a blue sweater this year.

Bella and Chloe   Penny
Bella & Chloe Huntington, NY   Penny Northport, NY

Favorite Treat: Peamutt Butter Mini’s

Their favorite cookie is the Peamutt Butter Mini’s. On the rare occasion we run out they refuse any other treat and go absolutely crazy when they see the container. Not only do they love them our vet has approved them for Chloe’s allergies

Thank you for making the best cookies on the planet!


Favorite Treat: all of them

Penny is a 2 and a half year old yorkie. Penny spends her weekdays in the office greeting customers and expecting belly rubs. She’s a very fussy eater. She does not like store bought treats but loves the homemade mini bones.

Peanut   Scarlett
Peanut Massapequa, NY   Scarlett Oceanside, NY

Favorite Treat: Bark-B-Q Rings

Peanut is a 6 yr old male Yorkie AKA My son =) He means the absolute world to me!! He loves driving in the car to Starbucks, taking long walks on the boardwalk, tummy rubs, being protective, playing with family & friends and being the center of attention. He can’t get enough of Mindy’s treats!! He loves them all but his favorite is the Bark-B-Q Rings & the seasonal Sweet Potato. He’s such an amazing boy!! Life wouldn’t be the same without Peanut =)


Favorite Treat: all of them

The Schnoodley Doo. A spitfire who treats each Little Lexi snack as a chance to audition for the Olympic Gymnastics Team. These tasty morsels hold up to flings, tosses, drops, rubs, drags and the occasional burying. Treats worthy of a Gold Medal!!!

Scout   Buddy
Scout Oceanside, NY   Buddy East Windsor, NJ

Favorite Treat: all of them

aka: Highness, Majesty, Sire etc.
A soul that MUST have descended from royalty. When, if fact, he deemed it time to consume his Little Lexi treat, preferred it be served to him on a silver (stainless) platter (dog bowl).


Favorite Treat: Peamutt Butter Pups

Buddy’s favorite things are: Going for long walks, chasing squirrels and bunnies, playing ball with my brother and sister, riding in the car with my mommy and daddy, rolling around in the snow and most of all, Peamutt Butter Pups from Little Lexi’s Barkery.

Wiley   Bishop
Wiley Cold Spring Harbor, NY   Bishop Eastchester, NY

Favorite Treat: all of them

Wiley is a large and lively, almost 4 year old, Maltese. He has tremendous personality and a fabulous temperament. He’s also very cute...

Wiley is a real fan of your home baked treats and especially appreciates the ability to have them ordered on-line and sent home.



Favorite Treat: all of them

Bishop is a Great Dog. He is a Boxer/Pit who loves to run and play with his brothers. He is very happy to be outside getting some sun or just being inside relaxing on the couch. He also loves to ride in the truck and go to work with his Daddy. He loves sticking his face out the window to get some air.

He’s very affectionate and loves giving big wet slobbery kisses. His favorite thing to do is scratch on the cabinet, cause he knows that is where we keep Little Lexi’s Barkery treats. He can’t get enough, he does this at least 20 times a day. Bishop gives Little Lexi’s Barkery’s treats-2 paws up!

George Connecticut & New York City    

Favorite Treats: Liver Bow Wow Cake & Liver Bow Wow Brownies

George is a 2 year old Chocolate Lab, who splits his time between Connecticut and New York City. George loves playing ball, snuggling, and giving lots of kisses! George also LOVED his Liver Bow Wow Cake and Liver Bow Wow Brownies that he received for his birthday!



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