Little Lexi's BarkeryAll Natural Dog Treats

Our Mission

Little Lexi’s Barkery’s treats are pawsitively tantalizing to dogs (and humans!) because we use only the highest quality human-grade ingredients such as organic carrots and celery, fresh mint and parsley, and roasted sunflower seeds. To ensure the high quality of our treats, all biscuits are hand made, rolled, cut and then slow baked to perfection. If you are looking for specialty treats for your next pooch party, like Apple and Cheddar Pupcakes or Liver Bow Wow Brownies, you’ll find a wide selection of unique and tasty treats that’ll please any woofer. In addition to treats, we also carry select products in our Boutique such as gift baskets for any occasion, sweaters to keep your pup warm in the winter and a variety of other items that you dogs will love.

Our mission is to freshly bake the world’s best tasting dog biscuits using the freshest premium ingredients possible and provide dog lovers everywhere with a wide selection of healthy, all-natural treats to give their beloved four-legged friend.

At Little Lexi’s Barkery, we bake from the heart with your dog’s preferences and health in mind.

How Little Lexi’s Barkery Got Started

After working as a buyer in Manhattan for 28 years I decided to make a change. I always thought about doing something for animals, but couldn’t decide exactly what was best. When there was the Chinese dog food recall and I was so concerned about safe treats for my pup Lexi—it hit me. I decided to open an All-Natural Home Baked Doggie Bakery, only using organic and human ingredients that I know are good for the pups. This way doggies everywhere can enjoy a healthy snack and pet owners do not have to worry that their precious fur-kids will get sick.

I love baking and I love dogs. When I put two and two together, I found something that I absolutely love and take great pride in doing. I also wanted to keep the prices affordable because, after all, gourmet doesn’t have to mean expensive!! Even Lexi likes them, and she never eats any dog treats except for fresh carrots.

When I am baking she sits by the oven talking to me all day saying, “Mommy, where’s mine?” I tell her they have to cool and I will give you one. The one good thing about changing my career is that I get to spend more time with Lexi. She is now 13 and starting to get old.

The little puppy that used to play, lick, play, lick and play, now sleeps most of the day. That’s why I named the company after her, so she will always be remembered as the best puppy in the whole world!!


Email us at or call us at 516.766.8130. Have a barkarrific day!