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Liver Bow Wow Bone CakeLiver Bow Wow Bone CakeLiver Bow Wow Bone CakeLiver Bow Wow Bone Cake

Liver “Bow Wow” Brownies


One bite and your dog will howl for more! A fresh product containing high quality protein for strong and healthy muscles.

Chicken Livers, Cornmeal, Wheat Germ, Egg, Parsley.

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Bag of bones: Bag of 4 Brownies for $2.00

These products are intended as a treat or a snack, not a substitute for a balanced meal. A proper diet of complete, balanced foods and regular veterinary visits are necessary to keep your dog in good health!!

Feeding recommendations: Give your dog a delicious healthy snack as a reward or just because you love them.

Keep your dog’s treats in an airtight container located in a cool dry place. For best quality, most of our treats are at their best for a few months, but they probably won’t last that long if your dog loves them as much as Lexi does! Any treat with meat, liver, cheese or veggies should be kept refrigerated for freshness but can be brought along for a day of fun with you.


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